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Christchurch-based Martin Aircraft Company has revealed details of its latest jetpack prototype.

The KC-518 built by Composite Helicopters International is the worlds first all carbon kevlar helicopter

The stunning Kayak 1 is the creation of New Zealand based designers Jamie McLellan and Andy Jacobs, having designed objects ranging from high end furniture and lighting to high performance sports equipment the pair have teamed up to design and ...

Winters just around the corner and what better way to show off your downhill snow skills than with the Snolo Steath X carbon fibre sled. Designers from company Snolo have come up with this innovative new carbon fibre snow speeder that ...

That’s the goal for the University of Waikato who’s scientists are taking chicken feathers and turning them into fibres that, when added to plastic, could be strong enough to be used in the marine industry. Every year New Zealand produces ...

The first wing created for the defender of the America’s Cup was rolled out of Core Builders Composites, New Zealand and is on it’s way to America.

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