Rice University

Whilst looking to create strong and conductive carbon nanotube fibres for the aerospace industry, the material that Rice University Chemist Matteo Pasquali created could be used to improve Parkinsons therapy.

Mother of perl, the iridescent layer in the shells of some mollusks has inspired a Rice University study that judge the ultimate strength, stiffness and toughness of composite materials.

A discovery at Rice University aims to make vehicles that run on compressed natural gas more practical as well as prolonging the shelf life of bottled beer and pop. The lab of chemist James Tour at Rice University has enhanced ...

Large flakes of graphene oxide are the essential ingredient in a new recipe for robust carbon fibre created at Rice University.

A new type of paint made with carbon nanotubes at Rice University can help detect strain in buildings, bridges and airplanes. The Rice scientists call their mixture “strain paint” and are hopeful it can help detect deformations in structures like ...

A Rice University laboratory has found a way to turn common carbon fibre into graphene quantum dots.

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