Core Molding Technologies Introduce New Low Density SMC

Core Molding Technologies has announced it has developed an ultra-low density SMC with high surface quality that offers advancements over its previous low-density SMC.

Core’s new Airilite brand of SMC has a nominal density of 1.18, 38 percent lower than the 1.9 density of industry standard SMC formulations. Airilite is also 17 percent lower in density than Core’s Featherlite SMC, which has a nominal density of 1.43 and was introduced in February, 2011, after several years of development work.

Terry O’Donovan, Vice President, Marketing and Sales for Core Molding Technologies said;

We know our customers are relentless in their desire for improved capability in composites, and especially for low density formulations that perform well. Our Featherlite system advanced the industry with the lowest density SMC available without the use of glass microspheres.

The new Airilite formulation offers outstanding toughness and is intended for high-impact applications. Airilite has been formulated for SMC applications demanding high surface quality. Additionally, Core has developed proprietary technology that improves the resin-to-glass bonding strength on a microstructural level by about 50% over Featherlite, overcoming a performance tradeoff that can be associated with reduced-density SMC formulations.

Airilite SMC is expected to find wide application in the transportation and general industrial markets. The material is in advanced qualification for one application, and other opportunities are in development. Airilite will be in active production and available for shipment by the end of August, 2013.


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