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From Carbon Fibre to BMW i3

In this video, BMW demonstrates the journey of its carbon fibre, from SGL Carbon’s manufacturing facility in Moses Lake to the Wackersdorf facility where the final product will be the BMW i3.

It all starts with one carbon fibre that’s just about one seventh the width of a human hair. The result is an extremely lightweight and robust passenger cell of the BMW i3 and BMW i8. Watch the clip to see how BMW is doing this.


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  1. “This enables us to achieve approximately half the weight of steel or one third that of aluminum.”So Mr. Head of Process Body and Interior Trim BMW i is telling us that aluminium is heavier then steel?

  2. Why the fibre used on airplane must stock in -18℃ environment,but this fibre is stock in room temperature?

  3. The i-series is supposed to be ecological. Is it ecological to produce cars from the material which can hardly be recycled and reused?

  4. Wow this is an awesome move in the right direction! Also love how it starts right here in Washington, I am from here and I notice more and more often how this area seems to breed the most talented people in sustainability, and invention! what a great thing to embark on our mission to save our Mother Earth.

  5. 1/2 the weight of steel or 1/3 the weight of aluminum? Must be the other way round???

  6. As a mechanical engineer, I would kill to work in any of the plants in the video..absolutely fascinating

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