TenCate & Proof Research Announce new Partnership

TenCate Advanced Composites has announce that they’ve entered into an exclusive partnership with Proof Research to jointly develop, market and offer high temperature prepreg materials to the aerospace industry.

The materials will be manufactured at TenCate’s production facilities in Morgan Hill, California, USA, and will be formulated with the line of high temperature resin systems of Performance Polymer Solutions Inc., based in Columbia Falls, Montana, USA.

Performance Polymer Solutions owned by PROOF Research develops and supplies high temperature resin systems in the aerospace and defence industries. One of the companies products is used by TenCate to make prepreg materials for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program.

The new partnership will allow TenCate to expand their high temperature composite solutions for the aerospace, space and satellite markets, as well as building upon their long term relationship. Pat Rainey, CEO of PROOF Research said:

TenCate is the ideal partner for PROOF Research™ to offer our P2SI resins to the aerospace market. TenCate has a history of providing highly specialised, high temperature composite materials to the most demanding applications, and provides a channel to drive the use of P2SI’s resin systems into new military, space and aero engine markets. We are excited about the opportunities that TenCate brings to the PROOF Research family.