Month: June 2014


U.S. Navy Testing Radar Absorbing Carbon Fibre Clouds to Hide Ships

Last month the U.S. 7th Fleet and the Navy Warfare Development Command tested how radar-absorbing, carbon-fiber clouds can prevent a…

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BLOODHOUND SSC Lifts the Lid on Its Carbon Fibre Cockpit

The state-of-the-art cockpit of the Bloodhound SSC have been unveiled as Andy Green and the team continue preparations to break…

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Scientists Use New Resin Inks and 3D Printing to Create Lightweight Composites

Using a mix of fibre-reinforced epoxy-based thermosetting resins and 3D extrusion printing techniques, scientists at Harvard and the Wyss Institute…

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GKN Aerospace Completes Advanced Winglet Concept

GKN Aerospace has completed a two year structures technology maturity (STeM) programme to create an advanced winglet using innovative automated…

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OCSiAl Acquires Zyvex Technologies

OCSiAl has announced at a press conference at the TechConnect World Innovation Conference that it has acquired Zyvex Technologies, forming…

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Ford Creates New Lightweight F-150 Concept Car Using Advanced Materials

Ford has unveiled its Lightweight Concept vehicle, which uses advanced materials to explore future weight-reduction solutions that could improve performance…

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