Work Starts at Airbus on the Largest Carbon Fibre Wings in Civil Aviation

Airbus has announced that assembly has begun in Broughton, North Wales on the wings for the first Airbus A350–1000.

The wing has the same span of the company’s current A350–900 but 90% of the parts have been modified for the A350–1000 and the trailing edge has been extended to resize the wing for additional payloads and increased range.

At 32 metres long by six metres wide, the A350 XWB wing is the largest single part made from carbon fibre composite material in use in civil aviation today. They are designed and developed at the Airbus facility in Filton, near Bristol, where a number of other systems are designed and tested including fuel systems and landing gear.

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The high-performance wings of the A350 XWB make the aircraft faster, more efficient and quieter. The wing design includes several streamlined features. Among these are droop-nose leading-edge devices and new adaptive dropped-hinge flaps, which increase the jetliner’s efficiency at low speeds.