Vestas & TPI Sign Wind Blade Supply Deal

TPI Composites has announced its signed a multiyear supply agreement with Vestas to provide the blades for the V110 turbine from its facility in China.

TPI has been making wind blades in China since 2008 at the company’s 35,000 square metre plant located in Dafeng, 250 km north of Shanghai in the Jiangsu Provence.

Vestas introduced its V110 wind turbine into the Chinese market back in October 2014, these new turbines are designed specifically for low wind sites with cut-in speeds starting at 3m/s, ideal for wind conditions in China.

Steve Lockard, president and CEO of TPI Composites said;

We are thrilled that Vestas has selected TPI to be its first outsource partner of Vestas designed blades. from Dafeng, China we will supply V110 blades to China and export markets in a reliable and cost-effective manner.